Pinarello Road Bikes

Pinarello is considered one of the leading manufacturers of bikes and bicycle components; however this world renowned company had humble beginnings. Founded by Giovanni Pinarello whose passion for cycling is why this company is the success it is today. With over 60 amateur racing titles and 5 professional wins to his name Pinarello decided to pursue his other passion, to create magnificent bicycles.

The Pinarello family has a long history of manufacturing bicycles, beginning with Pinarello’s cousin Alessandro who had begun manufacturing bicycles as early as 1922. Although Pinarello had been building bicycles since he was 15 it wasn’t until 1952 he decided to focus solely on manufacturing bicycles, opening his first and most renowned store in Treviso. Since those early days Pinarello has gone from strength to strength to become an internationally recognised company that creates truly remarkable bikes that win races.

But while there are disagreements as to why this company has been as successful as it is, no one can disagree that the bikes produced by this company will be the reason why this manufacturer will continue to be one of the leading names in the cycling world. Pinarello’s 2012 range is a perfect example of why they are and will always remain a leading bike manufacturer, introducing a number of fantastic road and urban bikes including two new singlespeed models, the Only the Brave model and the Catena. Only the Brave has been created in collaboration with leading Italian fashion house Diesel ensuring this model is a unique urban bike. While the steel Catena model possesses a stylish, vintage look and promises to perform to Pinarello’s high standard.

Other fantastic additions to Pinarello’s road range include the Rokh, which has been described as another century-specific bike similar to Pinarello’s Kobh model. As with the Kobh the Rokh possesses a number of unique design touches only found on Pinarello bikes, for example the Onda front fork. Similar, Pinarello have also introduced another time trail bike in the form of the stunning Graal, which is expected to be unbelievably fast.

But while these models are undoubtedly fantastic additions to Pinarello’s road range the Dogma 2 remains the most hotly anticipated bike of 2012. While the Dogma 2 retains the asymmetrical shape of its previous model the 2012 model has some significant improvements, in particular Pinarello have said the Dogma 2 is significantly stiffer, lighter and more responsive, making the Dogma 2 2012 the ultimate racing road bike.

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