Pinarello ROKH 2012 Review

Every year Pinarello release a new range of road bikes and each year this range includes a pioneering, unique bike that stands apart from every other bike within their range. In Pinarello’s 2012 range this bike is the Pinarello Rokh. A combination of the Kobh’s comfort and the Quattro’s dynamics, the Rokh is ideal for riders searching for the perfect balance of comfort and power.

Pinarello have constructed the Rokh using 30HM12K carbon, this carbon frame lowers the overall weight of the frame, weighing only 1225 grams, whilst also ensuring an optimum level of stiffness. The asymmetric frameset design of the 2012 FP Uno can also be found on the 2012 Rokh, Pinarello have explained that this specific design compensates for the uneven forces due to the drivetrain being on the right side creating a more balanced ride. But while the frameset asymmetric design ensures the bike remained balanced especially during hard efforts, Pinarello’s introduction of their new Century Ride Geometry previously found on their Kobh model increases the comfort level of this bike. This sloping geometry increases the fork and rake stack height slightly, while the Century Ride System rear stay increases vertical compliance without the loss of lateral stiffness. This slight geometric alteration increases the overall comfort of the Pinarello Rokh effectively handling more taxing terrains, without losing its aggressive racing characteristics, making this bike ideal for cyclists who enjoy longer, more challenging journeys.

Pinarello have also included their proprietary headset system with the lower bearing been increased to 1-1/2″. This extra taper to the steer tube greatly increases the rigidity of the front of the Rokh making certain riders can enjoy a precise and stable handling at all times. The Pinarello Rokh also features Shimano’s mid-level 105 groupset, which Shimano explains features the same technological features of the Dura-Ace and Ultegra. There is no doubt that the Rokh is a fantastic alternative to the Dogma for riders who are searching for a more affordable bike that offers cyclists comfortable, yet performance enhancing ride.

Pinarello ROKH

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars £££

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