Pinarello FP Quattro Ultegra Review

Renowned for designing extraordinary bikes Pinarello have once again created a truly magnificent bike in the FP Quattro Ultegra. Part of Pinarello’s premium range the FP Quattro Ultegra bike is a combination of some of Pinarello’s finest bikes, making the FP Quattro Ultegra the ultimate bike available for Pinarello.

The sister bike to Pinarello’s Paris 50.1.5. the FP Quattro Ultegra has adopted a similar frame to that featured on the Dogma. Created using monocoque carbon 30HM12K, the frame features asymmetric rear stays and the pioneering Onda FPK1 front fork. This combination of Dogma and Paris frame features and designs has meant that the FP Quattro Ultegra frame possesses the perfect equilibrium between weight and rigidity. This perfect balance makes certain that this bike is responsive, quick and durable, unique traits not always found on other competitive road bikes.

One of the most impressive aspects however of the FP Quattro Ultegra is its design. Pinarello’s LAB SOC System to design the bike and a range of new construction technologies has ensured that the FP Quattro Ultegra possesses a perfect asymmetric design. This amazing development has created a robust frame that is specifically designed for high speeds.

Not only has the frame of the FP Quattro Ultegra been designed with care, every part of this bike has been designed precisely, from the comfortable, ergonomically designed Xylon 6061 handlebar with Tigermax Stem to the durable and rigid Wildcat G3 wheels. The careful design of every aspect of the FP Quattro Ultegra is why it effortlessly outperforms most other models on the market.

The full Shimano Ultegra 6700 groupset performs flawlessly, offering riders reliable and smooth braking as well as smooth and accurate shifting. The Ultegra crankset and Croxover bottom bracket guarantee that every bit of power produced by a rider is efficiently transferred to the bike for winning results.

Available in 6 hand-painted colours and weighing 11 kilograms, our testers had nothing but positive comments when reviewing Pinarello’s FP Quattro Ultegra model. The technologically advanced construction, careful design and racing components are why the FP Quattro Ultegra is one of Pinarello’s flagship models and a good rival to the more expensive road racing bikes.

Pinarello Quattro FP Ultegra

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.0 stars ££


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