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One of the most well known ranges produced by BeOne Bikes is the T700 series and one of the most renowned bikes within this range is the BeOne Pearl Pro model. Designed with professionals in mind, the Pearl Pro bike includes advanced components and a unique design making it the ideal choice for passionate cyclists who want an outstanding road bike.

This beautifully designed bike offers cyclists a T700 carbon frame, which has been constructed using BeOne’s impressive Double Chamber technique. This unique construction, which includes an integrated front fork, has dramatically reduced the amount of torsion on this frame, ensuring maximum energy transfer between cyclist and bike. This fantastic construction technique has also reduced the amount of vibration, in particular on the front fork so that riders can enjoy a more comfortable and responsive ride.

While the careful design of the BeOne Pearl Pro is remarkable, the components included on this bike are why competitive riders will continue to choose this bike over the more expensive models available on the market. In particular, the FSA Energy crankset looks stylish on the BeOne Pearl Pro while also being extremely rigid, ensuring that every piece of energy made by the cyclist is effectively transferred to the road. The shifting performance of the BeOne Pearl Pro is impeccable, the FSA Energy crankset effectively shifts between ratios, as does the Shimano Dura Ace shifters and derailleurs.

Every aspect of the BeOne Pearl Pro has been carefully chosen to ensure cyclists are riding the best possible components, from the comfortable 3T Rotundo Pro handlebar to the 3T ARX Pro stem and 3T Dorico Pro aluminium seat post, which are both durable and lightweight. A particular aspect BeOne have carefully chosen is the Dt Swiss R1900 wheels, fitted with Vredestein Fiammante tires; the wheels of the BeOne Pearl Pro are perfect for competitive road racing.

Weighing only 7.9 kilograms, this dazzling red bike is one of the lightest bikes within its price range. There is very little wrong with this road bike, in fact many of testers struggled to find any noticeable faults that hindered their cycling performance, which makes the BeOne Pearl Pro the top of the range model racing bike. It is the most expensive in the range so the BeOne Pearl Comp or entry level BeOne Pearl are other options of racing bike.

BeOne Pearl

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.0 stars £

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