BeOne Pearl Comp Review

Bike manufacturer BeOne is famous for offering cyclists a wide range of bikes and their most well known range is the T700 series. Included in this series is the fantastic BeOne Pearl Comp model, specifically designed for competitive racing the BeOne Pearl Comp delivers everything a competitive cyclist needs.

The T700 carbon frame has been constructed using BeOne renowned Double Chamber technique, which integrates an internal secondary carbon wall throughout the centre of the entire carbon downtube. This additional carbon wall adds strength and prevents any torsion from occurring on the frame. This low amount of torsion make certain that every piece of power a cyclist places on the frame is effectively channelled on to the road for a more impressive racing performance. Similarly, in contrast to other frames created by other manufacturers the BeOne Pearl Comp’s front fork is integrated within the entire frame rather than being attached. This distinct design and the inclusion of Double Chamber construction technology and carbon steerer in the front fork ensures that it effectively absorbs any vibrations and manoeuvres perfectly.

The Shimano Ultegra shifters and derailleurs produce faultless shifting, while the FSA Gossamer crankset effective transfers power whilst riding. The FSA Gossamer brakes offer riders a reassuring amount of braking power, while also making sure that the BeOne Pearl Comp brakes smoothly and cleanly.

Other important parts of the BeOne Pearl Comp have been constructed using an advanced Alloy design, which ensure that the handlebar, stem and seatpost are light as well as durable. The Shimano and Mavic combination wheels are perfectly designed for road racing and only require a small amount of maintenance in order to retain their pristine condition.

Weighing 8.6kgs the BeOne Pearl Comp men’s bike is undoubtedly one of the best road bikes, which is more than the BeOne Pearl Pro, weighing in at 7.9kg, but less than the BeOne Pearl at 8.7kg designed by this well-known manufacturer, with many of our testers concurring that it is a beautiful bike that offers everything a competitive rider will ever need. Its stylish carbon blue finish promises that it will blend in well on racing days, while it’s distinct frame design and drivetrain components guarantees it will perform well on racing days.

BeOne Pearl Comp

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars £


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