Cube Peloton 2012 Review

As with most manufacturers Cube annually introduce a number of fantastic new designs and 2012 is no exception with Cube re-releasing their leading entry level model, the Peloton, a step up from the Cube Aerial.

The Peloton has always been a fantastic choice for cyclists who are searching for a bike that offers excitement, comfort as well as good value for money. The Peloton has a sturdy frame design, common in most Cube models, making the Peloton an ideal choice for larger riders who want a bike that feels strong underfoot. While the Peloton’s construction of Superlite 6061 AMF double butted aluminium the Peloton possesses the perfect equilibrium of lightness and strength to ensure that every bit of power the rider places of the frames is instantly transferred to the road. Similarly, Cube’s One Piece Design construction technique is a pioneering finishing process that creates a clean, seamless tube design. The frames traditional RFR (Ready For Race) geometry, which retains the level top tube, provides riders with a more comfortable, racing feel not always available on other 2012 models. This careful geometric design can also be found in the Peloton’s Aero Flex Stays, which ensure minimal drag area as well as making sure the ride is as comfortable as possible.

The Peloton is fitted with Cube’s CL Race carbon fork with a steerer tube that now narrows from 1.1/8″ to 1.1/2″ which guarantees that the Peloton provides riders with precise handling at fast speeds. Cube has carefully picked a number of high quality components to further enhance the racing aspect of the Peloton. In particular, the 2012 model now features a Shimano Sora 9 Speed groupset making certain cyclists enjoy accurate shifting and precise braking.

As with most Cube models there are several versions of Peloton available in their 2012 range, in particular Cube are offering the Peloton SL, Peloton Race Compact and Peloton SL Triple. The Peloton SL is a bike design for comfort and ideal for touring and training, but will still perform well in racing conditions. This Superlite 6061 AMF double butted aluminium bike with Cube CL Race carbon fork possesses many of the same design features as the main Peloton, in particular Aero Flex Stays, ensuring a comfortable, yet geometrically perfect design. A significant difference however is the collection of Shimano Ultegra and 105 components. This precise combination makes certain that touring and training cyclists have the right components for longer, more challenging journeys.

Another model in the Peloton range is the Peloton Race Compact, a bike Cube describe as ‘a balanced road race bike’ that offers a significant amount of comfort without losing its sporting aspects. Another Superlite 6061 AMF double butted aluminium frame with Cube CL Race carbon fork, the Race Compact is designed to effectively transform a cyclist’s effort into power. Design features of the Race Compact include the Aero Flex stays, which provides a level of comfort, and Ready For Race geometry, a specific sport geometry that ensures comfort as well as safety. These design features when coupled with Shimano Ultegra and 105 components make it clear that the Peloton Race Compact offers a level of comfort to riders whilst retaining its exciting sporting feel.

Another exciting model in the Peloton range is the Peloton SL Triple, another painstakingly designed bike within the Peloton’s range built for touring, training as well as racing. The SL Triple’s Superlite 6061 AMF double butted aluminium frame has been constructed using Cube’s One Piece Design, an original construction technique that creates a seamless appearance through its specialised finishing process. Fitted to this lightweight frame is Cube’s CL Race Carbon fork, which ensures the SL Triple handles beautifully even at fast speeds. Comfort and sport are the two design concepts of the SL Triple; the comfort aspect of this bike has been achieved through Cube’s Aero Flex Stays and Ready For Race geometry. While the speed aspect has been achieved by fitting this bike with performance enhancing features, including select Shimano’s 105 and Ultegra components.

Every Peloton created by Cube is designed to offer riders strength, speed and security, factors not always felt in other manufacturer’s newer designs and a ideal option for riders looking for a racing bike that feels like a racing bike but retains a level of comfortable for a more enjoyable ride.

Cube Peloton

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.5 stars £

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