Felt Road Bikes

Founded by leading motocross mechanic Jim Felt, Felt began in the 1980’s when Johnny O’Mara requested that Felt build him a new, specialist triathlon bike. Jim Felt’s distinctive vision enabled him to improve on previous triathlon designs to create a truly unique bike that greatly improved the aerodynamic profile of the bike. Jim Felt quickly became known as the leading designer of triathlon bikes and was soon creating and producing bikes for a number of the world’s top triathletes.

Over the next 20 years the company Felt has grown in strength and size, the introduction of Bill Duehring and Michael Muellmann has meant that not only does Felt continue to create truly magnificent triathlon bikes they also develop a range of off road and road bikes. The experience and enthusiasm of Duehring and Muellmann has enabled Felt to expand into a globally recognised company, while Felt’s vision ensures that every bike produced is carefully constructed and designed to ensure comfort and performance so that every rider can enjoy the best cycling experience.

Since the 1980’s Felt have always produced an exciting new range of bikes and 2012 is expected to be another fantastic year for this well known company. Felt have announced that they’re 2012 range will offer a few surprises, including a full range of carbon cross bikes as well as new alloy frames, with the 2012 F2X carbon cross bike arguably the flagship model of Felt’s 2012 range, with its Shimano Dura-Ace D12 electronic transmission and the new TRP’s CX8.4 linear-pull brakes.

But while cross-cyclists can look forward to an exciting model so can urban commuting cyclists as Felt expand their Versa and Café urban bikes. A notable addition is the Verza Regency, which has been carefully designed to reflect classic Dutch-style models.

Road cyclists can expect a re-launched of 2011’s F-series road and DA-series time trial/triathlon bikes. The success of the F-series as well as the AR, ZW, Z, B 2011 ranges has meant that Felt have not made any dramatic changes to their road bike ranges, instead Felt have wisely chosen to simply alter a few of the specifications and the graphics, whilst also insuring cyclists are able to find the perfect bike within their price range. An exciting new addition however for 2012 is the new F4130 steel road bike, a classic style roadster that has been created using Columbus chromoly tubing and features Felt’s own BB30 bottom bracket shell. A unique bike created by Felt the F4130 is one to watch in 2012.

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