Felt F85 2012 Review

This American manufacturer is considered to be the leader of their field designing and constructing high quality bikes that help riders to achieve an outstanding performance each and every time they ride. Part of their 2012 range the Felt F85 is a bike designed to be light, fast and agile and looking at the construction and components it is clear that Felt may have succeeded in their aim to create an outstanding racing bike.

This super light model has been constructed using Felt’s road custom 7005 superlight butted smooth welded aluminium, this advanced material and careful construction enables this bike to weigh a mere 1317 grams. But while this aluminium tube construction creates a light bike, Felt have explained that this construction also offers the perfect level of strength for a stiffer, more responsive frame. Coupled to this lightweight frame is Felt’s UHC Performance carbon fiber fork, which features an aluminium ControlTaper head steerer tube. This unique ControlTaper head tube with 1-1/8″ upper and 1-1/2″ lower bearings stiffen the front of the Felt F85 front ensuring that the Felt F85 remains extremely agile at fast speeds.

As with most Felt models the F85 possesses a number of high quality components from recognised manufacturers, in particular the F85 includes Shimano 105 shifters, FSA Vero compact crankset, Mavic CXP-22N rims as well as Felt hubs and Dual pivot brakes slightly higher spec that then F95. This combination of high quality components ensures that the F85, like all Felt road models, performs flawlessly every time. Available in 8 sizes from 47cm to 63cm, Felt have ensured that every rider will achieve a perfect fit when choosing an F85. Everything about 2012 Felt F85 is designed for speed, from its geometrically short wheelbase to it lightweight frame and premium components, making the F85 a fantastic choice for cyclists who want to sprint up climbs, race down declines and stay ahead of their competitors in every race.

Felt F85

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars £

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