Felt Z6 2012 Review

American producer Felt understand that not every cyclist throughout the world can afford the more expensive models offered by manufacturers. With this understanding in mind Felt have reintroduced the Felt Z6 into their 2012 range, a bike they say possesses the same technology and design found on the more expensive models seen tackling the Tour de France.

Felt have chosen to construct the newly reinvented 2012 Z6 using Felt’s UHC Performance MMC carbon fibre, this UHC Performance is a unique blend of raw carbon with a tensile strength that is 7.9 times greater than 3/2/5 titanium and over 3 times greater than 6061 aluminium. These figures alone illustrate how strong and rigid the Z6 frame truly is whilst also remaining extremely light. The lightness of the Z6 frame has also been achieved by Felt’s specialised InsideOut moulding process, which eliminates excess weight inside the frame tubes and at any junctions, further reducing the overall weight of the frame. Similarly, Felt have utilised their Modular Monocoque construction process when constructing the Felt Z6 frame, a process that enables individual sections to be effectively moulded together. This process ensures that each section is optimised and effectively meets the specific engineering demands of the frame.

Another impressive feature of the Felt Z6 is the Felt UHC Performance carbon fibre fork with aluminium steerer tube, creating a strong front end, which Felt says will guarantee perfect handling. While the inclusion of an FSA Omega compact MegaExo crankset, Shimano Tiagra shifters and Dual pivot brakes only further enhances the specs of this bike, reassuring riders that the Felt Z6 will provide quick and accurate shifting as well as reliable braking. The advanced construction techniques coupled with premium carbon fibre and performance components guarantees that the Felt Z6 sprints up inclines, glides down declines and helps riders to remain at the front of any race.

Other bikes in the Felt Z Series are the Z4, Z5, Z75, Z85 and Z95.

Felt Z6

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars ££

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