Felt AR4 2012 Review

America Company Felt began manufacturing quality bikes over twenty years ago and now distribute globally, many cyclists would agree that the first Felt bike was a revelation and since then they have continued to impress the cycling world. Felt’s unique and stylish design can be seen in the Felt AR range which remains one of the leading bike ranges available on today’s market. The AR4 in particular is an example of Felt’s innovative designs. This newly improved model possesses a wide range of features creating a fantastic, high-quality bike. Firstly, the AR4 includes a rigid, Ultra High Modulus carbon fibre frame, which includes Felt’s own carbon design which they explain possess eight times the tensile strength of titanium and is over 3 times stiffer than 6061 aluminium. This strength was visible during tests; the frame remained taut during rigorous pedalling on the flat and sprinted excellently during climbs.

While the nimbleness of the frame due to its carbon composition is one of the lightness available on today’s market. The stiffness and lightness of the frame complements a cyclists performance with only a small amount of effort required the rider still reaches and maintains competitive speeds. One of the most unique features of the Felt AR4 2012 is its aerodynamic properties, Felt have specifically designed every aspect of this bike, from the frame to the forks and have even ensured the handlebars possess a high level of aerodynamics, with a ‘wingtop’ design. Our extensive testing has shown that Felt’s efforts have not been wasted with these features ensuring that the bike glides effortlessly through crosswinds and improves the overall performance of the bike.

The Ultra High Modulus fork is not only aerodynamic; it provides a high level of handling. And as with all Felt bikes the AR4 possesses sharp braking as well as smooth shifting. The Felt AR4 2012 does not disappoint, it reaches blistering speeds, corners beautifully, and handles crosswinds effortlessly, making it one of the best bikes to date.

Felt AR4

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars £££


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