Felt Z5 2012 Review

Felt are considered by many in the cycling world as one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers, designing and distributing cyclocross, track, BMX as well as road bikes. Within the road bike range alone Felt offer a number of different series’, one of the most popular series’ however is the Z series. The Z series offers riders bikes that possess a more enduring geometric design yet remain lightweight. This distinctive combination is one of the many reasons why enthusiasts as well as professional choose a bike from Felt’s Z series and one of the most recognisable bikes within this series is the Z5.

An elite bike the Z5 has a Felt Endurance UHC Performance MMC carbon fibre frame. The high quality carbon fibre is an exclusive combination utilised by Felt offering a higher tactile strength than both titanium and aluminium. This exclusive T700-based combination of carbon ensures a level of strength not always found on other carbon frames. This strength means the Z5 possesses a high level of rigidity making certain that any effort from the riders is instantly transformed into power and speed. But, while the carbon fibre construction lowers the overall weight of the Felt Z5, Felt have explained that their InsideOut construction technique further reduces the overall weight of the frame by eliminating any excess material within the frame tubes. While Felt’s Modular Monocoque construction allows Felt to effectively mould individual sections of the frame separately until they meet the specific engineered requirements, these sections are then moulded together to create the complete frame.

While the construction and materials used to create the Felt Z5 illustrate why this bike is considered one of Felt’s best bikes, other features of the Z5 only further enhances this bikes reputation, in particular the first-rate components, such as a Shimano 105 drivetrain, Felt hubs and Shimano R561 Super SLR dual pivot brakes. While the Felt UHC Performance carbon fibre fork with steerer tube ensures the bike is agile at all speeds. The 2012 Felt Z5 is designed to be comfortable for longer journeys, however the lightness, speed and agility of this bike ensures that it doesn’t lose its competitive edge.

The Felt Z6 is a slighter cheaper alternative.

Felt Z5

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.0 stars ££

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