Cube Agree GTC 2012 Review

2012 looks to be another exciting year for this new manufacturer as they include another high quality carbon racing machine, the Agree GTC, into their road racing bike range. A direct descendent of the Cube Litening, Cube’s fastest ever road bike, it is easy to see that the 2012 Agree GTC is designed for professional riders who only settle for perfection. The Cube Agree GTC possesses a GTC monocoque construction, offering a rigidity and strength not always found on other carbon models. The twin mould construction process evenly layers the carbon fibres bonding them more tightly during the curing process, this pioneering construction process is unique to Cube bikes and eliminates any treacherous folding within the frame. Similarly, this construction process also makes certain the resin is kept within proportion so that the bike is kept as lightweight as possible. Coupled to the carbon frame is Cube’s CSL EVO full carbon fork with tapered steerer, this aluminium and carbon combination presents riders with outstanding rigidity as well as responsive steering.

The introduction of Shimano Ultegra Di2 components with a number of Cube’s renowned technology, in particular a RFR (Ready For Race) geometric profile, which ensures rider comfort and safety, guarantees that the Cube Agree GTC is undoubtedly a bike built for a real racer who is searching for a bike that offers comfort as well as authority when racing over long distances.

As with most road racing models Cube have introduced a variety of Agree GTC models into their 2012 range, the most prominent alternative is the Agree GTC Race. Ideal for racing and touring the Agree GTC Race also features an efficient, high quality carbon monocoque frame that has been built using Cube’s Twin Mould technology, ensuring the GTC Race is lightweight, strong and safe. The Cube CSL Race carbon fork with aluminium tapered steerer is specifically designed to absorb road vibrations, whilst cornering effectively at high speeds. The Ready For Race geometry makes certain that the bike is comfortable over long distances, while the Shimano Ultegra components coupled with the carbon FSA SL-K Megaexo compact crankset promises that the Agree GTC Race performs to the racing standard cycling enthusiasts ask for.

Another alterative to Cube’s Agree GTC is the Agree GTC Pro, possessing a carbon monocoque frame that has been built using Cube’s Twin Mould technology. The GTC Pro frame, as with all Agree GTC models, possesses an incredible level of rigidity, strength and more importantly protection against internal folding due to the construction process. The Pro is fitted with Cube’s CSL Race carbon fork with an aluminium tapered steerer ensuring that riders can look forward to responsive steering at every speed. Featuring a number of Cube’s design technologies, including hybrid cable routing, FSS (Frame Save System) and Ready For Race (RFR) geometry the Agree GTC Pro is a fantastic option for riders searching for a bike that features the latest technological advances in cycling. The Shimano and FSA component combination only further enhances the racing characteristics of the Agree GTC Pro and are certain to help riders sprint up the toughest of inclines.

And lastly, another positive addition to the Agree GTC range is the Cube Agree GTC SL. This sleek model has a carbon monocoque frame that has been constructed using Cube’s Twin Moulding construction process. The rigidity of the frame guarantees efficient power transmission from rider to road, while the pioneering construction technique prevents any perilous internal folding. The Agree GTC SL also features Cube’s CSL EVO Vollcarbon fork with aluminium tapered steerer ensuring a rigid, strong front end that corners beautifully. Technologies featured on the Cube Agree GT SL include Frame Save System, Hybrid Cable routing as well as Ready For Race geometry, which further enhances the comfort and safety of this racing bike. The SL is well equipped with Shimano Dura Ace and FSA components; characteristics which help provide the SL with its racing, sporty feel.

The premium components, impeccable frame design and advanced technological features of each Cube Agree GTC means that there is no doubt that this German manufacturer has succeeded in creating the ultimate road racing bike ideal for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Cube Agree GTC

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars ££

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