Cube Agree GTC Race 2012 Review

The Cube Agree has a pretty good history in terms of public opinion and the views of many reviewers and magazines, so it is hardly surprising that a lot of people are curious to know more about this model. In 2012, the Cube Agree was overhauled to produce a very interesting and neat looking evolution of the popular brand, and here, we take a look at what they’ve done.


There have been some big changes when it comes to the frame of the Cube Agree GTC Race road bike compared to the model from 2011. The new shaping is far more elegant and modern looking, with a tapered head tube that slides down slickly into a deep V-section junction. The chainstays begin oversized and then taper into slim dropouts made of 100% carbon, making the bike very reminiscent of Cube’s high end Litening series. This bike really does have the prestige and styling of a far more expensive bike.

It is also exceptionally light for a bike in its class, or even for a higher level of bike. This frame really does give you a lot for your money, and there are no compromises when it comes to ride quality either.


The changes to the frame in the new model have a profound effect on ride comfort. Compared with last year’s model, this bike will offer a lot greater comfort and also gives you the bursts of speed you’ll need if you’re in a dogfight. It is considerably easier to ride than last year’s Cube Agree, and doesn’t have the same Germanic, utilitarian feel.


In terms of the kit, Cube are giving you a whole lot here for £1,800. The Cube Agree GTC Race is the first Cube bike with full Shimano Ultegra kit, including both the brakes and the chainset. In the past, this was an area where Cube had cut corners to save money, and it showed, as good as the old Agrees were. The new model shows that that practice is officially over, and you will appreciate that when you ride this bike. The wheels are Easton EA50 Aeros, which are also an evolution from the old models. These are better and lighter than standard Aeros, and are a very impressive inclusion on a bike at this price.


The Cube Agree GTC Race really is a quite exceptional bike when you consider the price, and the extra care and attention that has been put into modernising and building on the old popular Agree bikes to produce something truly competitive. The kit that comes with this bike as standard is about the best you could ever hope for on a bike at this price point, and while there is certainly a good base here for modifications and upgrades, we think you’ll be pretty happy with the original gear too.

Whatever level you ride to, you will find this bike really makes the most of your movement and translates it efficiently, so it is a really easy bike to work with, especially if you are at the start of a training program and need a bike that will work for you as you start and through your own development as a cyclist.

Cube Agree GTC Race

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars ££

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