Cube Road Bikes

Founded in 1993 by former student Marcus Purner, Cube is relatively new bike manufacturer. However, their reputation for creating fantastic bikes for a range of cyclists is one of the many reasons why many cyclists across the globe are beginning to choose Cube over the larger, better known bike manufacturers.

Based in Germany, Cube first began in a small corner of Purner’s father’s furniture factory. Today, however Cube operates out of a large 20,000m² workshop creating a wide range of bikes which are distributed to over 33 countries throughout the world. Although Cube are best known for creating mountain bikes recently this manufacturer has gained a reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the most reliable and innovative road bikes available on the market today.

2011 was a great year for this German company and looking at their 2012 range it’s clear that next year will be another ground-breaking year for this new bike manufacturer. Cube’s 2012 road bike range is vast and includes a number of original 2011 products that have been revamped and improved to ensure that they function better than they have ever done before. However, while some of the 2011 range is re-launched riders can expect to see some fantastic new additions to Cube road bike catalogue.

Included in Cube 2012 road bike range is the Agree series, which features 7 distinctive models. Although the Agree series was part of Cube’s 2011 range the 2012 series features a redesigned carbon frame. This fantastic series offers a number of features found on Cube’s leading high-end Litening range making these bikes a great alternative for riders on a budget who still want a bike that performs flawlessly.

Cube’s Peloton series offers riders a number of high quality road bikes that focus more on providing riders with a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. Although, all of the bikes featured in the Peloton series still possess premium features ensuring that when used competitively it will enhance a rider’s performance, making the Peloton series ideal for passionate recreational riders.

The two most exciting series’ included in Cube’s 2012 range however are the Litening series and Aerium series. The Litening series is a compilation of high performance road bikes that include premium features and a lightweight carbon fibre frame. Ideal for cycling enthusiasts who are searching for the most technologically advanced, carefully designed and beautifully styled bikes, the Litening bikes are designed to win races. Similarly, Cube’s Aerium series are high speed performing carbon framed machines ideal for time trail cyclists or triathletes and are exciting additions to the cycling world.

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