Specialized Allez 2012 Review

Specialized understand that each cyclist is an individual and that some riders are looking for that perfect recreational bike for those long summer days, whilst others are eager to possess to bike that will provide an advantage over other riders on race day. With this understanding in mind Specialized have created a wide range of bikes to suit the needs of every rider, and have redesigned the Specialized Allez 2011 making it a perfect example of the company’s dedication to creating excellent bikes for every purpose.

2012 see only a few changes to the specifications of the Specialized Allez Comp, Elite and Sport. The Compact and Evo Rival models have a carbon fork and oversized bottom bracket as standard. The new Allez is already in UK bike shops.

The Allez provides a neutral ride that will appeal to a wide selection of riders; the 2011 bike has undergone some brilliant and dramatic changes which really make the bike prominent compared to its contemporaries. It features a newly designed frame, using Specialized’s A1 Premium Aluminium the new design features a bowed top tube design, a similar design found on high-end carbon road bikes and a newly designed sturdy down tube. The Allez frame possesses a 20 per cent increased overall stiffness with neat welding throughout the frame, furthermore, weighing 9.8 kilograms it is relatively light compared to other entry level bikes. The frames has optimum balance of stiffness and weight making it sturdy enough to withstand intensive pedalling and allows an efficient amount of energy transfer between cyclist and wheels, its light weight means that cyclists can easily create and maintain a high level of speed.

The Allez features many of Specialized’s comfort features, for example the carbon fork legs and chain stays assist in reducing road vibrations at the front of the bike, as well as excellent contact points, the riding position is comfortable, with a detectable flex in the hull to help reduce the impact of those unforgiving potholes, while the handlebars are perfectly placed for a natural handhold. Another fantastic improvement of the Allez is its excellent standard of geometrics, aligning it perfectly to the road and making it an ideal choice for an entry level competitive race. To conclude, Specialized have created a truly great bike, it is fast, strong and handles beautifully and is a perfect entry level bike for any cyclist.

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