Specialized Road Bikes

Specialized have brought 1 new model to the already extensive range of bikes for 2012 and some latest editions. They already have a bike for just about every road rider, but due to their large market share of the cycle industry whats a few more bikes….The two bikes where focus has been shifted are the S-Works Venge and Tarmac SL4.

The Specialized S-Works Venge is a mean machine and at approx £6000 would need to be. It is ultra light weight at 2.18kg, but very stiff as it is a full carbon frame.It is made up in the typical specialised colours of red white and black and looks very slick. This bike is right up the street of speed demons and sprinters wanting acceleration, power and response.

The Tarmac SL4 is a climbers bike designed for kings of the mountains. It was originally launched in 2004 and has had 4 versions of it released. They have increased the stiffness of the bike in all the key areas to create better handling than the SL3. It actually a hybrid of the new Venge and the Roubaix.

2012 sees the Specialized S-Works Amira Womens road bike. This is aimed at women racers as the Ruby range are more sportive or endurance bikes. It also has the flared top tube which increases torsional stiffness making this a stiff but light bike.

The 2011 range included the Langster, Secteur, Allez Sport, Allez Comp, Allez Elite, Secteur Elite, Roubaix Elite SL2, Tarmac Elite SL2, Tarmac Comp, Tarmac Expert, Roubaix Expert, Tarmac SL3, Venge Expert, Tarmac Pro SL3, Roubaix SL3, Transition Pro, S-Works Roubaix SL3, s-Works Tarmac SL3. These road racing bikes are still all available in 2012 with updated or tweaked version.

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