BMC Road Bikes

Every bike manufacturer can be described in one word, for certain companies its flair, for others its enthusiasm. It takes two words however to describe the Bicycle Manufacturing Company (BMC) and those words are precision and dedication. Founded by American Bob Bigelow in 1986 this renowned company originally assembled bike for wholesale distribution for Raleigh. The company quickly changed direction however in 1995 when it lost its Raleigh licence, seeing the beginning of the BMC manufacturer cyclists know today.

Although originally BMC found it difficult to stand apart from its Swiss competitors and like their other Swiss competitors BMC was slow to begin producing mountain bikes. BMC’s only early successes were the production of niche products only found on the Swiss market. The company faced dramatic changes however in 2001 with the introduction of current owner Andy Rihs, who dramatically changed BMC direction placing more investment into design, engineering and marketing to ensure BMC became a leading Swiss manufacturer of high-end bikes.

While most bike manufacturers have a philosophy none are as substantial as BMC’s Style, Precision and Passion. This philosophy ensures that every model produced by this leading company possesses a unique style that sets it apart from every other bike. BMC’s attitude also ensures that every model possesses an innovation design and construction that has been thoroughly tested, whilst also ensuring it has been designed for riders who have a passion for riding.

Despite the continual changes of the company one consistency of this manufacturer is its production of high quality, performance enhancing bikes and the 2012 range will be no different. Their 2012 road bike range will include some truly remarkable designs ideal for every type of cyclists, from the impec carbon bike designed specifically for cyclists who seek nothing less than perfection. The race series aimed at professional riders or those who want a bike that declares maximum stiffness at the lowest possible weight.

Other exciting ranges road cyclists can expect in 2012 include the performance series, which features the new roadracer SL01 perfect for cyclists who want a performance enhancing bike that delivers every time. BMC are also re-launching the sport series in 2012 which will include the streetracer SR01 ideal for entry level riders and fitness riders who want comfort, reliability as well as performance. Another exciting series BMC have included in their 2012 range is the aero series, these aerodynamically designed bikes are ideal for triathletes who want to reach unbelievable speeds.

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