BMC Race Machine RM01 2012 Review

With Cadel Evans winning the 2011 Tour de France on the back of a BMC model no one in the biking world can deny the impact this understated Swiss manufacturer has had on the world of cycling. Designing and distributing outstanding mountain, lifestyle and road bikes each year one of BMC’s most recognisable models is BMC Race Machine RM01.

There is no denying that the BMC Race Machine RM01 is one of the best models available to enthusiastic riders today, with BMC ultising their tuned compliance concept which combines carbon fibres in perfect alignment to create a frame that is lightweight and strong whilst also possessing an increased vertical compliance as well as an increased level of lateral and torsional stiffness. While the lightweight and rigidity nature of the BMC Race Machine RM01 frame is impressive it’s the frames geometric design that really makes this model unique compared to others on the market. The geometry of the Race Machine RM01 is identical to the Team Machine ridden by Cadel Evans in the 2010 Giro d’Italia, with an octagonal downtube, hexagonal top tube, square seat tube and rectangular chainstay not only ensures the RM01 has a distinctive look but can help riders reach incredible speeds whilst handling beautifully. In particular, the carefully calculated head angle promises agile handling, the seat tube means a more aerodynamic riding position, while the 100cm wheelbase guarantees a more stable ride. But more importantly, while this careful frame design ensures a racing feel that is certain to help rides power along the road; it also provides riders with an increased level of comfort. This can be particularly seen in the super-narrow fork legs, which effectively absorb the largest of road anomalies for a more comfortable ride.

While the BMC Race Machine RM01 frame construction and careful geometric design are outstanding features of this BMC model, the high quality components only further distinguish this bike from its peers. Equipped with SRAM Red groupset, with SRAM Force brakes the BMC Race Machine RM01 shifts throughout its ratios perfectly, is able to transfer a riders power efficiently, while also offering reactive and reliable braking. The only fault critics could find with the BMC Race Machine RM01 is the absence of an amateur-friendly compact option, making the bike slightly inaccessible to novice riders who are new to the world of competitive road racing. But if this is the only fault of this fantastic model its fair to say that BMC have once again created a truly remarkable racing bike ideal for cyclists who demand the very best from their road bikes.

BMC Race Machine RM01

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.5 stars £££-££££

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