BMC Pro Machine 2011 Review

BMC do tend to focus on the middle to top market road bikes. The BMC Pro Machine 2011 is a beautiful road bike first and foremost. Ride one of these anywhere and you will turn heads. The bike over the past few years has not changed that much and means that they got it just right back in 2009. This is a pro level bike but very affordable. It is a road bike that stands up well in both downhill and uphill ascents transmitting power well without losing power. Its stiff frame is great for efficiency and even provides a good ride over cobbles. It is used by the racing team in many of the tours in Europe and the states.

The bike in all is very light just over 7kg, but responsive at high speed and into corners. It is almost all made of carbon except for the BB threads and mech hanger. It comes with tubular EC90’s, a record 10spd groupset and Easton EC90 bars, stem and seatpost. Its a bike designed for long hours in the saddle and does this very well, it is also fantastic for uphill cranking, so if thats what you are looking for try the BMC Pro Machine SLC01.

BMC Pro Machine

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars ££


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