Scott CR1 Elite 2011 Review

Many cyclists agree that Scott have played a significant part in innovating bikes, making significant developments which improve the cycling world. The Scott CR1 Elite 2011 offer the cyclist the perfect balance of performance and comfort. This charismatic bike is packed with amazing features, including a carbon technologically made Scott CR1/HMF NET IMP frame, which feature carbon shifters, a carbon seatpost and carbon fork, all of which have been mathematically and geometry perfected to optimise the dimensions of the frame.

Additionally, the frame features Scotts specialised new shock damping system, which have been included into the bike’s front forks, seat and chain stays, while the rear has been specifically shaped, these excellent features ensure that vibrations and shocks are absorbed providing a comfortable and smooth ride for the cyclist. But whilst these excellent features would suggest the frame may be a little soft, our testers agreed that the bike retains its rigidity and enables direct power transfer as well as confidently powering around corners. Another fantastic aspect of the bike is its lightness, built using Integrated Moulding techniques has meant that less materials are used compared to previous bikes lightening the overall weight of the bike.

The leading feature which makes the Scott CR1 Elite 2011 stand apart from any other bike on the market is its focus on providing the cyclist with a comfortable ride. This high level of comfort has been achieved due to the frame featuring shorter top tubes and a higher head tube, making the ride extremely comfortable, making it the perfect choice for lengthy training sessions and competitions. The stiffness, low weight and balance of this bike make it extremely fast, the lightness of the bike guarantees that uphill climbing is effortless. The stiffness of the frame ensures that a rider can reach optimum speeds with little effort required. While the impeccable balance of the bike allows for smooth and controlled cornering whilst also maintaining that all important comfort.

Scott CR1 Elite

Rating by Adam Samuel: 5.0 stars ££


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