Scott Road Bikes

Very few bike manufacturers are as well known as Scott. Established in 1958 when innovative engineer and ski racer Ed Scott designed and produced the first aluminium ski pole. With Scott at the helm his company went on to produce some pioneering products in the skiing world, however by 1989 Scott’s unique vision saw the company expand and begin to design and create revolutionary components that quickly changed the cycling world also.

Scott’s most notable product is the first aero bar; introduced in 1989 this aerodynamic handlebar changed the nature of the sport with Greg Lemond winning the 1989 Tour de France using this original component. Since 1989 Scott have continually introduced a number of inventive cycling components, in particular in 2003 Scott announced the arrival of the Genius – a ground-breaking full-suspension bike which attracted a lot of attention in the cycling world. While in 2007 Scott produced the lightest full suspension bike to date.

Now a global company Scott develop, produce and distribute an exciting new range of bikes each year and no range is as eagerly anticipated as their 2012 road bike range. As with their 2011 range Scott have included several series’ within their new range including the Foil racing series and the CR1 and Speedster performance series’, ensuring that every rider can find a bike that fits their needs as well as their budget.

Within the Foil series alone riders can choose from a staggering 7 bikes, which includes the Foil Premium arguably one of the most hotly anticipated bikes of 2012. This high-end aero road bike with carbon fibre frame has been carefully designed to be the fastest road bike on the market to date, making it the best choice for competitive riders who want the best bike available. Other notable bikes within the high-end Foil series include the Foil 10 and Foil 30; both are aero bikes with full carbon fibre frames and are designed to be more efficient and faster than previous versions.

Scott’s performance ranges include the CR1 series and Speedster series. Within the CR1 series Scott have focussed on creating performance enhancing bikes that still offer a supreme level of comfort.

This perfect balance can be seen in both the CR1 SL, a Shimano Dura Ace equipped bike, as well as the CR1 Comp a carbon frame model that is designed to absorb road anomalies for a more comfortable ride. While Scott’s other performance range, the Speedster series includes 5 lightweight 6061 alloy bikes that include a number of performance enhancing features which help riders achieve a better competitive time, while being more reasonably priced making the Speedster models an ideal option for riders on a budget.

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