BMC Team Machine SLR01 2012 Review

Swiss manufacturer BMC have gained a reputation for creating and producing premium components and truly outstanding road bikes and one of their most revered models is the BMC Team Machine SLR01.

The frame of this remarkable bike has been constructed using pure unidirectional carbon, ensuring that the frame is remarkably light compared to its heavier aluminium counterparts. The TCC (Tuned Compliance Concept) design, which utilises four monocoque components ensuring the carbon fibres run through the bike. This unique design concept enables the tube dimensions and joints possess the perfect balance of weight, stiffness and strength. This pioneering concept guarantees that BMC’s flagship road model’s frame handles perfectly, transfers power efficiently, but more importantly, despite the stiffness and rigidity of the frame, the increased vertical flex in the rear triangle and front fork ensures the bike possesses an increased level of comfort. Other noticeable features of the BMC Team Machine SLR01 frame include the larger bottom bracket and fork crown, which help to provide a stiffer platform further increasing the comfort and power of BMC’s well known bike. While the tapered head tube ensures the Team Machine SLR01 offers impeccable handling at every speed. Similarly, BMC have also tightened the rear of the frame, particularly in the seatstays creating a more responsive rear end.

The inclusion of Campagnolo Super Record groupset only further enhances the racing feel of this bike. The crankset is strong and stiff, instantly transferring a rider’s power to the road, while the premium brakes are reassuringly responsive. And as with all Campagnolo groupsets the Super Record promises smooth, responsive shifting throughout every ratio. BMC have stated that the BMC Team Machine SLR01 has been specifically designed to offer riders a bike that is lightweight, rigid, comfortable and handles perfectly and looking over the SLR01 it’s clear that BMC have fulfilled their aim.

BMC Team Machine SLR01

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.0 stars ££-££££

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