Boardman Team CX Cyclocross 2012 Review

The Boardman Team CX is getting a nice disc-targted overhaul for the year 2012, and at the same time the price will decrease by £100, creating an extraordinary value package! This road bike offers snug performance, confidence when off-road, and a weight that makes it ideal for racing. Not only does it have an excellent appearance, but also it’s rack-ready for easy commute. As with any road bike, there are pros and cons, but we found the pros to outweigh the cons here.

Among the most popular pro in our book is the incredible value this bike offers. This super performance oriented bike has a tapered carbon fork; disc brake and BB30 equipped frame, full rack, as well as mudguard mounts, and a number of other amazing specs. Sure, the disc increases the weight a bit and that’s a low, but for the money, that’s not a great sacrifice. If you are looking for an inexpensive road bike that will allow you to do everything from cross racing to daily communing, this is the perfect bike for you.

Design Appearance Performance

We could not get on this bike quick enough to give it a go! The CX Team definitely did not disappoint, what with its full carbon fork and silky smooth, welded frame, both designed specifically for cable disc brakes, this bike assuredly has potential for off-road use, as well as on road. At first we were a bit sceptical because of the low price of only about £900, but no sooner were we flying down our local road, any doubt about the CX being squelched, at least for us. It is plain to see Boardman out did themselves with the Team CX Cyclocross.

A Heavier Road Bike

Whilst it is true the CX is heavier than many other road bikes that are comparable in price, the remarkable over-seized BB30 crankset that delivers power to the machine makes up for any discrepancy from the bike being heavier. The handling is incredible because of its perfectly accurate clarity, which is wonderful for cutting through traffic jams, or even mild drag racing. Both cross racers and strictly, on-roaders will appreciate this bike.

Handling on Rough Terrain or on Slopes

Right, so like us, you were probably curious to know about the handling and performance of the CX on rugged terrain, or when going downhill. Pleasingly enough, as it happens, there is enough disc-specific Ritchey rim and tyre beneath you to allow for a quick turn off onto a rough shortcut without issue. We did lower the tyre pressure down a bit to 50psi and found this bike did great off-road, and going downhill. In fact, we passed several bike mates along the path downhill and had no trouble navigating the lead. As we hit even rougher terrain, we were amazed at the performance of the full carbon fork.

Perhaps the most impressive of all was the bike’s ability to communicate through handling when you are heading for trouble, rather than letting you know right as you are getting ready to flip, or be
throw for a loop. We attempted several close calls, each one proving safe as the bike was able to back us off early in order to prevent incident.

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