Boardman Road Team 2012 Review

When it comes to a bikes listed at a great price, the Boardman has features which have previously only been available on much pricier bikes. The particular features which bear mentioning are the way it can handle fast speeds, accelerates easily and is amongst the most comfortable rides on the market. The team carbon is an upgraded version of this bike with a carbon frame and fork.

Sturdy Frame for Easy Handling

Although the Boardman is a bit heavier than the preferred weight staying under 9kg, the aluminium triple-butted frame is up for the job. It steers aggressively with the tapered fork handles and the large bottom bracket, BB30, provides added tensile strength. This particular model has a fork and seat post that are all carbon which does tend to reduce the total weight but increases comfort. Another aspect of the Boardman frame which is quite innovative is the way in which the rear brake cable has been internally routed.

Reduction in Air Resistance

Part of the real beauty of this bike is its aerodynamic design in the flat profile of the chainstays. This leads to a reduction in air resistance which allows for greater speed with less effort. As well, the low 15cm head tube allows for the rider to get quite low which also helps to resist the flow of air. As would be expected of a bike of this calibre, the quality is par excellence. With a smooth finish and nearly undetectable welds, there isn’t a bike as beautifully made at any cost. This is evident down to the chainset by FSA Gossamer and the hubs by Mavic. Not only is it a smooth looking bike, but the drivetrain shifts quickly which allows for fast and seemingly effortless acceleration.

Suitable Tension in the Frame

Although some may say that the frame is acceptably stiff, the Boardman provides just the right amount of tension so that your energy isn’t expended needlessly. It reacts well due to the profile of the R580 brakes by Tektro as the cartridge shoes are much like those by SRAM. The extra strut creates a stiff triangle unlike that of the Shimano 105. What is most alluring though is the finished look of the bike and especially appealing is the seat post in carbon. This adds both aesthetic appeal as well as extra function.

A Few Remarks on Preferences

Many cyclists with a great deal of road time in would probably like a seat that is not quite so padded. Even so, this can be easily rectified as seats are easy to change out and cyclists often do this to suit their comfort preferences. Whilst this may be a first bike for the road for many riders, seasoned cyclists could make these mods quickly and easily. Some of the features may lack appeal such as the tight frame and the visibly lacking mudguard, but it is still one of the nicest looking road bikes on the market. Our preference would have been to use a slightly better quality tyre but the Vittoria Zaffiros
will do quite nicely until they wear. At that time make the upgrade, but in the meantime, enjoy the Boardman Team as it is perhaps the best ride you’ll find at this price.

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