BMC Street Racer SR02 Review

Known for taking a different approach when creating bikes, the Bicycle Manufacturing Company produces some of the best bikes on the market today; one of their most renowned models is the BMC Street Racer SR02.

The Street Racer SR02 is a fantastic example of BMC’s technological and creative skills, beginning with the pioneering frame construction. Crafted using ISC hydroformed triple butted tubes, with BMC’s Straightedge Carbon front fork with alloy steerer tube, the Street Racer SR02 frame is one of the most durable and rigid on the market today. This careful construction of the frame has meant that even under extreme conditions the bike doesn’t flex and effectively transfers energy for a more impressive performance. While BMC’s Straightedge Carbon front fork with alloy steerer tube guarantees that riders enjoy a comfortable bike with extremely responsive steering.

Other components on the Street Racer SR02 ensure that the bike maintains a low overall weight of 8.9 kilograms, in particular, the Scot MKIII handlebar, stem and seatpost. While the premium Alex A-Class SR18 wheels and Continental Ultra-Race 700-23c tyres are durable, lightweight and rigid, ensuring that the wheels perform to a professional standard every time.

The drivetrain of the Street Racer SR02 is impressive. BMC have effectively combined Shimano 105 derailleurs, shifters and cassette to create a drivetrain that effectively transfers power, whilst also shifting precisely and smoothly through every ratio. The Street Racer SR02 braking system is immaculate due to use of Scor front and rear brakes and Shimano 105 braking levers.

All of our testers agreed that the Street Racer SR02 is one of the best ever produced by BMC, commenting that it accelerates quickly, offers responsive steering and is surprisingly comfortable for a competitive racing bike. The sleek, yet simple white design, tube construction, lightweight features and powerful drivetrain of the Street Racer SR02 helps riders to achieve an impressive performance.

BMC Street Racer SR02

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.0 stars ££


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