BMC Roadracer SL02 Review

The Bicycle Manufacturing Company are one of the most distinguished bike producers in the world, producing pioneering road, mountain and lifestyle bikes every year. Released as part of BMC’s 2011 range, the BMC Roadracer SL02 is another pioneering bike produced by this well known manufacturer.

The new carbon frame is arguably one of the best aspects of this bike; using BMC’s integrated skeleton concept the frame possesses strengthened areas ensuring that it is able to distribute forces more evenly, maintaining an optimum level of rigidity in every part of the frame. The BMC Straightedge Carbon front fork with the new tapered steertube is thicker than previous models yet maintains a low weight. This improvement on the front fork guarantees that the Roadracer SL02 offers rider’s smooth and responsive steering. The most impressive aspect of the Roadracer SL02 frame is its aero form design, this ingenious design promises that the Roadracer SL02 handles perfectly and is rigid whilst remaining extremely comfortable.

Every part of this bike has been calculated and planned to make certain it completes BMC goal of creating the most comfortable racing bike. The best example of this dedication can be seen in the streampost seatpost, which features an intelligent angle clamping system that allows the seatpost to be set to the greatest height whilst remaining perfectly aligned.

While every aspect has been made as comfortable as possible BMC have also made certain that the Roadracer SL02 is designed to produce fantastic racing results. Fitted with Shimano’s reliable 105 groupset, the Roadracer SL02 shifts smoothly, brakes precisely and transfers power effectively. The premium DT Swiss – R1800 wheels offer the perfect equilibrium of lightness and stiffness and only help to further improve the performance of this bike.

In an aggressive black and red design and weighing 8 kilograms, all of our testers agreed that the Roadracer SL02 is one of best carbon models BMC have ever created. While the quality and comfortable design makes it the ideal long distance bike.

BMC Roadracer SL02

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.5 stars ££


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