Olmo Forma Ultegra 2010 Review

THIS BIKE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED try the Specialized Allez as an alternative to this bike.

Olmo have been producing road bikes since the 1950’s and while they are not the largest manufacturer of bicycles, they produce a comprehensive range of premium road racing bikes. Olmo’s gorgeous frames provide an extraordinary ride compared to other brands that can often be quite sloppy. The technical aspects of the Olmo Forma frame lives up to Olmo’s high standards, with the frame created using Olmo’s Monocoque carbon technology; this minimalist frame combines stiffness, compliance and lightness to create one of the most versatile frames available on the market.

It is Olmo’s Forma frame optimum level of stiffness that is the most important aspect, the stiffness of the frame guarantees that no flex can be found whilst cycling, ensuring that all energy transferred between cyclist and frame is effectively transferred to the wheels, creating a high level of performance. Olmo’s years of experience and understanding of a cyclists needs can be seen in the frames low weight, using HM and HR carbon fibre to create the frame, its these high quality and specially chosen materials which ensure that the frame only weighs 1150 grams. Our testers concluded that this low weight did improve the overall performance of the cyclist; this improvement was more noticeable when climbing steep inclines. The frame features a carbon integrated fork, which weighs 375 grams, but more importantly, the sturdy fork provides the cyclist with a high level of handling.

The frame features a strong FSA carbon seatpost, allowing the cyclist to adjust the seat to their preferred level for increased comfort and the FSA headset further improves the steering of the frame. Lastly, the frame has a simple, yet professional design which is visually pleasing. Olmo has successfully used new technology to create the Forma, with fantastic components the Forma is a high performing and durable frame, which will improve any cyclist’s performance.

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