Cube Litening Super HPC 2012 Review

A passionate manufacturer Cube are continually trying to improve on previous models whilst also creating and producing exciting new models that posses everything cyclists search for. One of Cube’s main aims in recent years has been to develop the fastest road racing bike and they have recently announced that they have finally succeeded in finally creating ‘the fastest road bike Cube has ever put on wheels’ and this bike is the Cube Litening Super HPC.

The 2012 Litening Super HPC is available in four builds: Litening Super HPC Pro, SL, SLT and Race. Each one of the four models offered by Cube possess a number of similarities, in particular every build in Cube flagship model has a Super HP monocoque carbon frame. Considered to be the lightest frame ever constructed by Cube, lowering the overall of weight of the frame by 150grams it lowers the weight of each model to an average of 860 grams. Cube has achieved this low weight for each model through a number of ways, firstly by replacing many of the original aluminium parts with new lightweight carbon elements. Secondly, Cube’s HPC Super refined and optimised high quality carbon fibres are coupled with Cube’s pioneering Advanced Twin Moulding technique, which perfectly layers the carbon fibres to achieve the lowest weight possible. Using premium material and advanced construction technique has also ensured that each Litening model possesses the perfect equilibrium of rigidity and weight, ensuring that every pedal stroke is transformed into speed.

Each Litening Super HPC model also features a number of Cube’s technological advances, in particular Press Fit BB, which significantly improves the lateral stiffness of each model whilst retaining an increased level of comfort. Other technical features of each Cube Litening Super HPC model include Frame Save System, Hybrid Cable Routing and Multi Purpose Hanger, which works effectively with either mechanical or electronic shifting systems. Cube’s CSL EVO Vollcarbon front fork, which features an alloy tapered steerer tube is also included on each model. The tapered steerer narrows from 1.1/8″ to 1.1/2″ which not only increases the rigidity of the front end of each model but also promises to provide cyclists with precise and responsive handling at every speed.

But while the frame’s design and construction remains the same for each model in the Litening Super HPC range there are significant differences between each model, in particular the supplied groupset. Cube’s Litening Super HPC SLT is equipped with Shimano’s new Di2 Dura Ace. An original groupset Shimano have created one of the first successful electronic shifting systems, with unparalleled speed, smoothness, accuracy and reliability fitting this groupset on the Litening Super HPC SLT promises that riders will enjoy the ultimate shifting performance. While the Shimano Dura Ace crankset effectively transforms a rider’s effort into speed and the Dura Ace brakes guarantee swift braking.

The Litening Super HPC SL is fitted with the renowned Shimano Dura Ace groupset. Part of Shimano elite range the Dura Ace provides Litening Super HPC SL riders with shifting that is both accurate as well as fast and a crankset that is able to help enhance a cyclist’s performance. The inclusion of a Shimano Dura Ace braking system will reassure Litening riders that braking will be responsive and reliable in all weather conditions.

The Litening Super HPC Pro comes complete with Shimano’s Ultegra groupset, with Ultegra derailleurs and shifters riders can look forward to a fast, accurate shifting performance. The Shimano Ultegra Hollowtech II crankset possesses the perfect level of rigidity ensuring effective power transfer, while the Shimano Ulltegra brakes provides reliable and smooth braking.

And lastly, Cube’s Litening Super HPC Race has been fitted with the revered SRAM RED. Arguably one of the best groupsets on the market today, the RED offers reactive shifters as well as smooth shifting derailleurs. The crankset possesses the perfect equilibrium of weight and rigidity, lowering the overall weight of the Litening Super HPC Race whilst ensuring it effectively turns a cyclist’s power into acceleration. The SRAM RED brakes perform well offering cyclists reliable braking, even in wetter conditions.

Every Litening Super HPC model has been built using the latest technologically advanced techniques, possesses a sleek design, lightweight frame and a number of high quality components. Taking these aspects into account it is clear that the Litening Super HPC will further enhance the reputation of this growing manufacturer.

Cube Litening Super HPC

Rating by Adam Samuel: 5.0 stars £££

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