BeOne Storm Review

Dutch company BeOne originally produced custom made downhill mountain bikes; however, today they now produce a wide variety of bikes, and are responsible for the creation of some of the best bicycles available today and with over a decade of experience they succeed in constructing unique, performance enhancing bikes. And the BeOne Storm 2011 is an example of BeOne’s passion and dedication towards cycling. Their bikes are easy to ride and are perfect for cyclists who have just discovered the exciting and wonderful world of cycling.

The bike features a 7005 alloy frame, which is supple enough to absorb and reduce road vibrations but is also extremely stiff. Our tests showed that the stiffness of the frame reduced the amount of flex, and our testers agreed that during intensive pedalling the bike showed little flex compared to other entry level bikes. The constant rigidity of the frame and strong Shimano Hg53 chain, guarantee a high level of energy transfer between cyclist and bike producing an elevated overall performance. The total weight of the bike is a mere 9.3 kilograms, making it one of the lightest entry level bikes available to date, the low weight of the bike further improves a cyclists performance, in particular the bikes ability to climb with less effort required from the cyclist.

The bike features the Shimano BR-560 brakes which, under normal circumstances, are highly effective on all road terrains. In addition, the BeOne Storm feature Shimano Tiagra shifters which are smooth and accurate as well as a carbon fork with alloy steerer for more accurate handling, this can especially be seen when cornering at high speeds. The BeOne Storm 2011 is a vast improvement on previous models; it maintains its simplicity whilst also featuring components which will improve any cyclist’s performance.

The Storm is the entry level road bike for the BeOne range but has proved very popular with riders looking for a good priced sport bike. If you are looking for better components but still an aluminium frame the BeOne Mistral is the road bike for you alternatively you may want the BeOne Pearl carbon entry level bike.

BeOne Storm

Rating by Adam Samuel: 5.0 stars £

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