Pinarello FP Due 2012 Review

This Italian manufacturer is considered one of the best road bike producers, their dedication to creating amazing bikes makes certain that every rider who chooses a bike from this brand are guaranteed to be impressed with the final product. Throughout the years it has become clear that Pinarello bikes have a unique feel to them that can be felt on any other road cycles, this unique feel cannot be felt on the newly updated Pinarello FP Due part of the brands 2012 range.

The 24HM12K carbon frame ensures lightness, weighing only 1120 grams, and strength found on most Pinarello carbon frames. Similarly, the Pinarello FP Due possesses the same geometry as its predecessor the Pinarello FP2; a significant difference however to the frame is its new asymmetric design modelled after Pinarello leading model, the Dogma. Pinarello have spent a lot of time ensuring each one of their 2012 road bikes possesses a perfect balance and the Pinarello FP Due is a perfect example of this careful design. With the drivetrain offset to the right this asymmetrical design, most noticeable in the Onda carbon rear stay and fork, helps to balance the offset power delivery, ensuring the bike stays composed especially during uphill climbs and sprints. This well thought-out design guarantees that the Pinarello FP Due feels like a Pinarello bike.

Similarly, Pinarello have further improved the Pinarello FP Due by introducing their narrowing steerer tube, which now tapers from 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″. This redesign creates a stiffer front guaranteeing that the Pinarello FP Due handles beautifully, tracking straight as well as cornering impeccably at fast speeds. Fitted with a SRAM Rival, a groupset built for serious riders, makes certain that the Pinarello FP Due is not only comfortable but can boost a riders overall performance. Available in 7 different sizes, rather than the standard 5 offered by other manufacturers, every rider is guaranteed to find the perfect fit. The FP Due is a perfect example of a Pinarello bike and will definitely turn any rider into a Pinarello devotee.

Pinarello FP Due

Rating by Adam Samuel: 5.0 stars ££

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