Pinarello FP2 Due 2011 Review

Cyclists around the globe would agree that Italian manufacturer Pinarello have played a significant part in innovating bikes, beginning in 1952 Pinarello have introduced some of the most significant innovations in bike designs which have greatly influenced the sport of cycling. Pinarello have been developing bikes for professional athletes for many decades and have now begun to create perfect bikes for the enthusiasts. The Pinarello FP2 2011 is the manufacturer’s new entry level bike, which has been specifically designed for cycling fanatics or those new to the biking world. Although this bike is not aimed at professionals it possesses a lot of key features which can be found on Pinarello’s high-end racing bikes. The frame of the FP2 2011 has been created using high-quality 24HM12K carbon with Onda FP carbon rear stay, this premium material creates a perfect combination of stiffness and durability.

The triangular frame features a substantial down tube and a sturdy bottom bracket that provides an enormous amount of power to the frame, which is unleashed when pedalled intensively. The stiffness of the carbon frame guarantees efficient energy transfer between rider and bike for effective climbing and quick sprinting. The FP2 2011 also features carbon seatstays and the Onda carbon 24HM12K fork, which provides superior handling and was especially noticeable during tight corners and throughout fast descents. Our testers agreed that Pinarello’s bike is extremely comfortable, with the FP2 fork dampening the effects of uneven road surfaces, while the saddle is positioned comfortably guaranteeing a more comfortable ride during longer rides. Another fantastic feature of the FP2 is the consistent Shimano 105 groupset, which provides quick and smooth transitions. The Shimano 105 5700 front and rear brakes were extremely effective under testing, providing responsive braking during all weather conditions.

The only weakness our testers discovered was the weight of the bike, nevertheless, despite the FP2 weighing a little more than expected, its precision gearing system and fantastic carbon features ensure that bike handles and rides better than any of the ultra light bikes available on the market.

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