Pinarello Dogma 60.1 2011 Review

Italian manufacturer Pinarello began crafting hand made bicycles in the early 1950s with a focus on creating the best possible bike by using modern materials and technologically advanced techniques. Moreover, Pinarello have been the first choice of many professional cyclists, with Alexi Grewal and Jan Ullrich both winning Olympic medals on a Pinarello. It is clear to see why this Olympic winning manufacturer produces some of the most sort after bikes, with fantastic and innovative designs Pinarello are the first choice for both professional and recreational cyclists.

Pinarello’s consistency of creating exciting bikes can be seen in the Pinarello Dogma 60.1 2011, this updated, custom bike boosts a catalogue of fantastic features, the first aspect our testing team noticed was the stylish new colour scheme, and while the aesthetics of a bike do not truly matter, the new graphics and colour package is extremely eye catching and will tell every other cyclist you have the latest Pinarello. More importantly, the Dogma 60.1 possess the distinctive and original asymmetrical design, this top level frame has been specially designed to equally balance the frame distortion between the left and right side of the frame.

Created using Dogma’s 60HM1K carbon fibre, this pioneering frame not only effectively distributes the different forces; it maintains a high level of strength. The sturdy drivetrain side is extremely capable withstanding intense force from pedalling. Whilst Pinarello’s carbon possesses a high level of stiffness it is extremely light; weighing a mere 1210 grams, the lightness of this bike is extremely noticeable on climbs. More importantly, the Dogma 60.1 is extremely fast, the SRAM cranks provide further stiffness for instant acceleration, and this is especially true when paired with the Rotor q rings.

Once you begin pedalling the energy transfer is felt immediately, with no loss of power, the rider effortlessly reach blistering speeds. With a very light and extremely responsive carbon front, our testers enthusiastically explain how well the bike handles especially during descents. The testers also explained how there was a quiet and smooth roll to the bike, which remained balanced at all times. Pinarello scientific calculations and extensive testing has revolutionised bike frames and will be the benchmark for other manufacturers to follow. Pinarello dedication and innovation has made testers agree that the Dogma 60.1 is the best bike they have ever ridden on it should be as it is not cheap.

Pinarello Dogma 60.1

Rating by Adam Samuel: 5.0 stars ££££


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