Pinarello FP1 Uno Review

The Italians are well known for producing some of the most advancing cycling components in the world and one of Italy’s leading manufacturers is Pinarello. Pinarello don’t create average bikes, they create well designed bikes that feature technologically advanced components and one of their most renowned models is the Pinarello FP1.

Part of Pinarello’s top model range the FP1 bike is one of the best aluminium framed bikes offered by a manufacturer today. The frame has been constructed using 6061 aluminium alloy tubes that have a triple-layer T6 treatment and TIG welding, while the front fork features an Onda Carbon 30HM12K integral system. Overall, this precise construction has created an extremely rigid and responsive bike frame that handles perfectly with very little flex disrupting power transfer.

But while the materials used to construct the Pinarello FP1 frame are impressive it is the design that has impressed the cycling world. Using a number of computer software programs and continuous experiments Pinarello have successful created a geometrically perfect frame design that possesses the perfect amount of strength in certain sections for a more performance enhancing frame.

Whilst the well thought-out design of the Pinarello FP1 is one of the most impressive many of our testers have encountered, the introduction of premium components are what ensure the Pinarello FP1 is ideal for highly competitive road racing. Fitted with Shimano’s leading Tiagra model groupset, the Pinarello FP1 effectively brakes and shifts as smoothly as any professional cyclist needs, while also maintaining the optimum level of stiffness for effective power transfer.

Pinarello have fitted the FP1 with Shimano WH-500 wheels, which are both durable as well as rigid. The torsion strength of this wheels ensures that power is effectively transferred, which can only further a cyclists performance. While the Ewiva tyres offer a low friction level, yet effectively grip the road.

All of our testers agreed that this carbon aluminium bike is a truly magnificent men’s road bike. Its stylish design makes it unique amongst its peers, while its specialist design, construction and high quality components mean that the Pinarello FP1 is bike that is designed purely to win races.

Pinarello FP1 FP Uno

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.0 stars £-££


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