Trek 2.5 2012 Review

Every model within Trek’s 2 & 1 series offers riding enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase a bike that features the latest technological advances made in the biking industry without the expensive price tag, which is why this is one of Treks most successful ranges.

Possessing many of the features found on models within Trek’s high end Madone range, it is clear to see why the Trek 2.5 is one of the most revered bikes within the 2 & 1 series. Constructed using Trek’s premium 200 series Alpha aluminium, which is formed into a precise tube shaped design, ensures the Trek 2.5 is one of the lightest yet taut and toughest aluminium bikes available in any 2012 range. The lightness, rigidity and strength of the frame helps transfer a cyclists power directly to the road so that they can power up steep inclines more easily. Trek have utilised their Tour-tested geometry on the Trek 2.5, this race-centric geometry provides riders with a bike that handles perfectly and possesses the perfect geometric design to help riders accelerate more easily. Similarly, Trek have also placed their H2 fit design on the Trek 2.5, this unique design slightly increases the height of the head tube. This slight design alteration ensures a more comfortable ride, especially on longer journeys, as less strain is placed on the riders back and neck.

There are a number of premium components included on the Trek 2.5, which only further enhances this bike’s racing characteristics. Firstly, Trek have attached a Bontrager Race carbon bladed with alloy steerer to this well designed frame, which Trek promises will provide riders with precise handling at all times. Other high quality, racing features of the Trek 2.5 includes a combination of Shimano Ultegra and 105 components. This select grouping guarantees that the 2.5 shifts smoothly, transforms a rider’s efforts in speed, while the first-class braking system will provide riders with plenty of control. The Trek 2.5 is definitely a racing bike, a natural climber this bike powers up inclines better than most carbon models, yet its H2 Fit design promises that the 2.5 is comfortable. This combination of comfort, agility and strength makes the Trek 2.5 an ideal choice for longer journeys as well as quick paced races, while its eye catching blue will attract the attention from envious fellow enthusiasts. The two series also comprises of the cheaper alternatives look at the Trek 2.1 and Trek 2.3.

Trek 2.5

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.0 stars ££

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