Trek 2.3 2012 Review

Although Trek are a relatively new manufacturer compared to the more established European manufacturers, Trek have quickly developed a reputation for creating truly fantastic bikes. This reason alone is why a growing number of cyclists around the world are choosing Trek for their cycling needs.

The Trek 2.3 is definitely one of the more noticeable bikes in the Trek 2012 range, which includes the 2.1 and 2.5 bikes. Although it isn’t part of their high-end range, the Trek 2.3 has definitely been designed with professional riders in mind. The daring red design ensures the Trek 2.3 stands apart from other racing models on the road today, while the careful aluminium tube construction, which uses Trek’s premium 200 Series Alpha aluminium, ensures it matches up to carbon models in strength, lightness and rigidity. The Tour-tested geometry makes certain the Trek 2.3 handles and accelerates beautifully, while the H2 fit with a slightly higher head tube reduces any strain a riders back and neck for a more comfortable ride. Trek have fitted a Bontrager Race fork with carbon legs, coupling this fork to the 2.3 not only offers riders precise handling but also increases the level of comfort as the carbon legs effectively absorb any painful road vibrations.

Trek have amplified the Trek’s 2.3 racing feel by carefully selecting a number of performance enhancing features, in particular Trek have placed a number of Shimano’s 105 components on their 2012 model. Coupling Shimano’s 105 derailleurs, shifters with Shimano’s Tiagra cassette is guaranteed to ensure 2.3 riders enjoy a reliable, precise and smooth shifting performance. Shimano’s R600 compact crankset effectively transfers a rider’s power, while Shimano’s 105 braking system promises responsive braking in the wettest conditions. There is no doubt that the Trek 2.3 is an exhilarating bike, it looks fantastic, is set to perform flawlessly and possesses many of the characteristics found on Trek’s more expensive models, but at a much more affordable price.

Trek 2.3

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars £

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