Trek Road Bikes

Trek is one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world today. A recognised brand Trek have been providing high-functioning, stylish and comfortable bikes for professionals as well as recreational riders with a passion for the sport for a number of years, this reason alone is why they have become one of the most trusted manufacturers today.

Founded by Richard Burke and Bevel Hogg, with only 5 people on the payroll Trek was launched in 1976 with the single aim of producing American steel touring frames to rival the dominating Italians and Japanese models. As Trek quickly began to dominate a significant part of the cycling market Trek expanded their company purchasing a new 26,000 sq ft corporate headquarters. Since their expansion in the 1980’s Trek have continued to produce reliable, technologically advanced bikes and today their brand has been synonymous linked with winning ever since Lance Armstrong won 7 consecutive Tour de France’s aboard a Trek bike.

Each year Trek release a fantastic array of bikes for mountain and urban riders, however their most impressive ranges are their race performance and sport road bikes. Trek has released 4 distinct race performance series’ for their 2012 range. The Madone 6 series will understandably be re-launched in 2012, part of Trek high-end range every bike in this flagship series undoubtedly possesses everything a serious cycling enthusiast searches for in a bike, lightweight, comfort, personalisation and stiffness making every bike from the Madone 6.9 to the 6.2 simply the best on the market today.

Excitingly Trek is also introducing the all-new Madone 5 and 3 series’ in 2012. The new Madone 5 series includes new shaped frames and a refined carbon layup. The Madone 5 bikes encompass everything this manufacturer is famous for. While the all-new Madone 3 series bike have undergone a complete re-design for better handling and an overall better performance, whilst also ensuring great value for money.

Similarly, the Madone 4 series has also had a complete redesign for 2012. Arguably Trek’s leading performance series each bike has been made lighter, stronger and more agile, making the Madone 4 series the perfect choice for the more demanding cyclist.

Trek’s sport range also features 4 distinct series’ all of which have been redesigned for 2012. Both Madone series’ feature improvements with the Madone 4 series made significantly more comfortable without lowering its performance capabilities. Similarly, the Madone 3 series guarantees styles, handling and performance with a reasonable price tag.

Trek’s 2 other 2012 ranges include the Lexa, a series designed for uncompromising riders who only want a high-end sport road bike that delivers an outstanding performance each and every time. And Trek’s more affordable road sport range the 2&1 series offers riders 8 light, strong and stiff bikes, so that riders can enjoy an exciting ride for a much more affordable price.

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