De Rosa Milanino 2012 Review

De Rosa was founded by Ugo de Rosa in the early 1950’s, this small family run business has slowly grown into a greatly respected bike manufacturer. De Rosa have always been a few steps a head of other companies, and with a real passion for cycling it is easy to understand why cyclists choose De Rosa bikes over other manufacturers. For many cyclists once they have ridden a De Rosa frame, they find it difficult to choose any other manufacturer. De Rosa’s enthusiasm for producing bikes can still be seen in today’s models, such as the handmade De Rosa Milanino 2012, which is packed with impressive features that would improve the performance of any cyclist. It was launched in 2011 and has grown in popularity since it came out.

The Milanino 2012 is a perfect choice for versatile sportsmen; with a dynamic geometric frame created using triple butted aluminium is extremely sturdy, showing no signs of flex during rigorous pedalling, but more importantly, the frame was extremely stiff. The rigidity of the frame guarantees impeccable energy transfer between the rider and the frame, with no power lost whilst pedalling, riders are capable of reaching competitive speeds with the least amount of effort. While the careful and immaculate finish of the bike has reduced the overall weight of the bike, making it one of the lightest entry level bikes. The lightness of the bike ensures that it is easy to climb sharp inclines and fast on declines.

Additionally, the bike features a full carbon Mizuno fork, which provides responsive steering and helps to reduce the effects of rough roads, providing a high level of comfort to the rider. The Campagnolo Veloce shifters are smooth and quick to respond and with 20 gears, it provides the cyclist with a wide ratio to select from. Our testers agree that De Rosa’s Milanino is one of the smoothest rides they have trialled and is fantastic value for money.

De Rosa Milanino

Rating by Adam Samuel: 5.0 stars ££


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