Da Rosa Road Bikes

There is no doubt that some of the best bike manufacturers in the world today have been founded by cycling enthusiasts and this truth can be seen in De Rosa. Italian manufacturer De Rosa was founded by Ugo De Rosa, an amateur racer, who at the young age of 18 decided that his future laid in designing and producing racing bikes. Opening his first shop in the early 1950’s De Rosa quickly developed a reputation for creating pioneering bikes and in 1958 famous cyclist Raphael Geminiani approached De Rosa requesting he built his racing bike for the upcoming Gio d’Italia.

Since that day De Rosa has been a fixture in the racing world supplying racing bikes for Motta’s team in 1969, Francesco Moser’s Filotex team in 1974 and UCI Continental team in 2007. But while De Rosa is renowned for creating and producing road racing bikes for professionals and important part of this companies history is their ability to adapt and use innovative new materials. Unlike many traditional bicycle manufacturers De Rosa has always embraced the changing materials, often using their insight to create innovative new constructions ahead of other rival companies.

Today this globally recognised manufacturer produces steel, aluminium and full carbon race bikes for both professional riders as well as amateur enthusiasts who enjoy riding the very best each and every day. Each year De Rosa reveals an exciting range of road bikes and 2012 looks to be their best year yet. While De Rosa will re-launch a number of previous models from their 2011 they will also be launching 2 new bikes as part of their 2012 range.

The hotly anticipated model in De Rosa’s 2012 range is the King RS, which has been completely redesigned for 2012. The method of construction and frame materials are completely different to the previous 2011 model. This new carbon combination with an elastic resin and construction method ensures that the King RS is unbelievably stiff yet effectively absorbs any shocks for a more comfortable ride. This stylish bike, like its predecessor, is undoubtedly going to be one of the leading road bikes of 2012.

The other new bike De Rosa are launching in 2012 is the beautiful steel Nuovo Classico. Although, not a ‘new’ design with its thin tubes and quill stem in today’s carbon focussed world this steel bike is unique and its classic look makes it distinct and exactly what riders will expect from this classic Italian manufacturer.

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