Vitus Road Bikes

Originating in the homeland of the most famous annual cycling event in the world, the Tour de France, the Vitus name has been linked with some of the most famous names in cycling history. The Vitus 979 and Carbon frames were no less than revolutionary when they were first introduced, and now Vitus have returned with a triumphant new line up.

True to their revolutionary reputation, Vitus haven’t just churned out different versions of the same old classics, but gone back to the drawing board completely for their new range of road and mountain bikes. Utilising the latest in bike frame materials and components, the new Vitus range reflects the changing needs of today’s cyclists. Targeting not one specific discipline, instead Vitus are offering riders of all disciplines a range of bikes with the perfect balance of performance, quality and value. The road bike range offers six different models with alloy and carbon frames, and ranges in price from £649.99 to £2199.99.

The cheapest model in the road range is the Razor, which comes with an alloy frame and Shimano Sora components and functions as a great introductory model at just £649.00. Moving up the range, both the Zenium and Shimano Tiagra are on offer at £799.99.

For leisure riders who enjoy long distance rides, the carbon framed Dark Plasma is perfect. The Tiagra model comes in at £1149.99 while the VR model with 105 comes in at £1499.99. For more serious riders, Vitus are offering the top of the range Venon VR and Vitesse VR. These both come as standard with a super high modulus carbon frame and fork with a 3K weave and either Shimano 105 or Ultegra groupsets and corresponding wheelsets. These are on offer at £1799.99 for the Venon and £2199.99 for the Vitesse.

At just £259.99, meanwhile, the VEE-1 is a stylish, great-quality singlespeed that is perfect for city commutes and leisurely spins through the park.

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