Tifosi CK7 Audax Sora 2012 Review

The Tifosi’s CK7 Audax Sora has been classed as an extremely versatile bike that’s not only been designed to enable riders to conquer steep hills but is also well equipped for fast touring. The bike easily handles the changing seasons of the year, whether used for training in winter, commuting to work or for general leisure throughout the warmer seasons.

The 50/39/30T triple chain-set means that the bike is ideal for Audax or fast touring use and hill climbing because, in addition to generating more overlapping gears, there is a 12-25T cassette and this means that the bottom end range is extended. Riders can therefore choose to climb through the gears on a steep hill, rather than downshifting into just one gear, which results in many people being able to stay seated on their bike instead of standing, even on steeper inclines.

However, some may find that this doesn’t suit them due to the fact that it results in having to use the front derailleur a lot more than you would have to when using a double chain-set. Riders will also become a lot more conscious of the hesitant downshifts from the bike’s thumb button, which does need to be pressed a few times in order to move the front mech across. The triple also means that the bike is a bit heavier than you might expect it to be, which is not always ideal if you need to carry it at any point.

Having said that, the bike still retains an extremely sporty feel and with its stiff, versatile aluminium frame and carbon fibre fork, the bike is well equipped to travel long distances, as well as being able to go fast too. The CK7’s aluminium frame has chunky and rigid stays that do well to resist flexing, especially when faced with hard pedalling or even when under a load if a rear rack is fitted. The carbon fork may not be as springy as it would be if it was steel but it does do an excellent job of reducing the feel of the micro vibrations that you can get from rougher terrain.

The CK7 Audax Sora’s wheelset definitely looks the business, with the Miche Excite wheels showing off an extremely groovy, paired spoking pattern, however, some may find issue with the fact that there are only 28 spokes at the front and rear, which can cause difficulty if carrying any extra load. This disadvantage is somewhat balanced by the fact that the wheels have stiffer and deeper section rims, providing the best aerodynamics to help you go faster.

However, the Vittoria Zaffiro tyres just do not live up to the expectation that seeing these Miche Excite wheels has created. The tyres are very good value training tyres but you’ll find that you go a lot further and faster if you swap them for tyres with a bit more punch about them, to suit the Miche Excite wheels.

The stem on the bike measures 11.5 cm, which gives quite a long reach, which is helpful if riding out into strong gusts of wind, as it means you can lean forward a lot, although this is not so helpful when riding long distance, as it can be rather uncomfortable. However, you can easily change the stem to suit your riding style and situation, so this is not really a problem.

This bike not only gives off a very good impression at first glance but also delivers too and would be ideal for those who are searching for a fast touring/Audax bike. Not only is the CK7 Audax Sora very comfortable but all of its components have been designed with reliability and robustness in mind, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you can complete the toughest of rides with no problem.

You can also be sure that the 5-coat paint finish, in addition to the anti-rust priming, will help to ensure that the bike’s components will be able to cope in, and stand up to, harsher environments and every variety of weather condition that you are faced with when riding.

The CK7 Audax Sora comes in sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL.

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