Focus Road Bikes

Every few years a new bike manufacturer emerges offering new and exciting ideas, very few of these companies however deliver the promises they make. A relatively new company that continually fulfils their promises is Focus, founded in 1992 by cyclocross World Champion Mike Kluge with the single aim of creating outstanding technologically advanced bikes for everyone.

Based in Germany, the Focus production and management team consists primarily of current and past riders, an aspect which ensures that Focus know exactly what riders need and want. Although, Focus originally concentrated on developing and manufacturing mountain bikes today, 19 years after the manufacturer was launched, they specialise in creating a range of bikes including an extensive range of road bikes.

This worldwide known brand introduce a host of new designs and concepts each year and 2012 is going to be another exciting year for this manufacturer as they release 2 new road bikes. Focus have explained that they have revitalised their carbon fibre road bikes, with the Izalco Pro remaining their high-end flagship model offering speed and power the Focus Izalco pro is ideal for competitive riders who want to lead races.

Their high-end model however will have 2 new alternatives, the Izalco Ergoride and the Izalco Donna for women. The Izalco Ergoride is completely different when compared to its predecessor, with a sloping top tube, internal cable routing and slim seatstays, these alterations mean that the Izalco Ergoride is powerful but significantly more comfortable that most other road racing bikes. Similarly, many of the improvements and features found on the Ergoride can be found on its female counterpart, which Focus have explained offers a ladylike style and comfort, but with an impressive amount of racing power.

Focus’ 2012 range will also include the classic Cayo, which has seen some significant improvements ensuring it remains a fantastic bike that performs faultlessly everyday, as well as a new Cayo EVO version. The Cayo EVO version is considerably lighter and the chainstays are deeper ensuring that the EVO is more of a high performing racing model than a sporting bike.

Focus has also included the more affordable models of 2011 within their 2012 range, the Variado one of the most durable bikes that includes a number of premium components. The Culebro, a lightweight aluminium bike that can reach impressive speeds, has also been included in the 2012 range.