Corratec Road Bikes

The Germans have been world-leaders in the technological sector for many years, renowned for their innovation and the high-quality of their creations. In the world of cycling, this innovation is represented by Corratec road bikes. For many years now, Corratec bikes have been designed to the highest modern standards and using the newest technological innovations in order to provide riders with the best possible experience. The theory behind this complicated technology is very simple – Corratec want to make the bike function not as though it is a piece of high-quality sporting equipment, but as though it is a part of the rider’s body itself.

So how do they do this? Well, here are some of the technologies they utilise.

2 Circle Suspension: Many riders feel that the quality of their ride depends entirely on the quality of their suspension. Great suspension means that their bike can cope with rough terrains, which allows them the freedom to cycle on and off-road, as they desire. 2 Circle Suspension aims to provide riders with this adaptable riding experience. 2 Circle Suspension is a two-way, rather than a single-dimension suspension. This means it can handle force not just from up and down, but also from side to side. Its carbon construction mean it is incredibly durable and can easily handle off-road cycling on rough terrain.

CA+ Tube: Most high-end bike frames tend to be constructed from aluminium and carbon. Corratec have decided to go one step further and rather than choose between these materials, utilise both in order to get the benefits of both. The aluminium makes the Corratec frame incredibly light, but because it is combined with carbon it is also fantastically hard-wearing and capable of even difficult off-road cycling.

Corratec bikes aren’t just for those who wish to cycle off-road, of course. They also have plenty of models that are perfect for road biking and mountain biking or trekking. The mountain bikes are fitted with the power of 2 Circle Suspension for a fully comfortable ride, and come with the options of classic hard tail, carbon hard tail and bow hard tail. Corratec also produce separate bikes for both women and children, which go under the names Miss C and Kids. Just like the main models, these too come with the power of 2 Circle Suspension for serious mountain biking.

When it comes to trekking bikes, Corratec offer a variety of models depending on your requirements. If you enjoy cross country biking, the Cross series is a great option. Cruising models, on the other hand, are specifically designed for use on the smooth pavements of towns and cities. B-Drive models are designed with a specific concentration on the quality of the brake system, for an ultra-safe ride.

Along with your Corratec bike, you can choose to purchase a range of matching Corratec accessories. For long-distance rides, there are biking suits and jackets. If you simply like the brand (and want to show off your cycling knowledge!) there are also a range of fashionable T-shirts emblazoned with the Corratec brand. For triathlon competitors, Corratec also offer a range of durable, light forks for quick fitting, and a variety of practical necessities such as grips, grip tape and water-bottle attachments.

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