Cannondale Supersix 6 Apex 2012 Review

Last yearʼs Supersix 5 was an impressive addition to the Cannondale bike range and this yearʼs model hopes to continue in the same vein. The price has certainly improved, with the Cannondale Supersix 6 Apex a whole £200 cheaper than the previous model. This cut in costs has also led to a difference in specs though, with the most obvious change being the choice of groupset.

On paper the SRAM Apex may look like a step back from the Shimano 105 but we think that few riders will be able to tell the difference and may actually prefer the climbing qualities of the SRAMʼs.

Once you jump on the Cannondale Supersix 6 Apex you will instantly be impressed by the responsiveness of the bike, with every flick of the wrists producing an immediate response. The bike features parallel 73 degree angles, low head tube and a short wheelbase.

The speed of acceleration and the quality of the brakes are also a real highlight of the Supersix but unfortunately comfort is not such a strong point. The Supersix 6 is certainly not an uncomfortable ride but there are definitely more comfortable options to be found in this price range. The quality of the ride cannot be questioned though.

The gears are also a real shining beacon on the Supersix, with a 50/34-tooth chainset matched to a 28t rear cassette, meaning even the very steepest of ascents should be more than manageable.

The quality of the chassis on the Supersix is almost worth the asking price alone. The fact that the bike comes with impressive brakes, gears that will climb a mountain and superb handling is an added bonus. The Cannondale Supersix 6 Apex is a great choice for any rider looking to purchase a reasonably priced super bike.

Cannondale Supersix 6 Apex

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.0 stars ££

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