Dedacciai Nerissimo Veloce 2012 Review

The first thing that struck us about the Nerissimo was the sheer quality of the frame. The frame and forks alone retail for over £1,100 so to get a whole bike for just a few hundred pounds more is really impressive.

The Nerissimo Veloce features Dedacciaiʼs base model frameset but you may be surprised at the quality of the ride this bike provides. Once we hopped on we were suitably impressed by both the responsiveness and the comfort of the ride. The bike provided great speed on the flat and the downhill and was a joy through the bends.

The front of the bike features Dedacciai Streem fork, which can also be found on the companyʼs more expensive frames as well. The fork weighs in at an impressive 400g thanks mainly to full carbon dropouts.

The Nerissimo Veloce frame also features a squared-off tubeset, with box section, large chainstays, slim, square seatstays and a large down tube complimenting a slim top tube. All in all the bike weighs in at around 1,150g.

All very impressive so far but the Nerissimo does have some fairly big drawbacks. For a bike in this price range the Campagnolo Veloce gearing is a little disappointing. Weʼd also expect a far better wheel-set on a bike that costs nearly £2,000. The Campagnolo Khamsin wheels and Vittoria Rubino tyres felt cheap against the bikeʼs superb chassis and
we have no doubt that a pair of lightweight carbon wheels would improve things considerably.

All in all the Dedacciai Nerissimo Veloce is a bit of a mixed bag. Thereʼs no doubt that the majority of your money is going towards the incredible chassis. The bike also offers a very responsive and comfortable ride but the average gears and wheel-set are a disappointment.

Dedacciai Nerissimo Veloce

Rating by Adam Samuel: 3.5 stars ££

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